The Building Content Summit brings together thought leaders from around the world of Design, Construction, Manufacturing and Software Services.

Join us and challenge the current views on good content and dataflows in the build environment. Together we will move a step closer to higher quality data. This event provides you with the unique opportunity to be in the driving seat on a journey that transforms how we connect data in the construction industry.

What is BCS?

This 2-day conference is an eclectic mix of plenary and intimate workshops sessions.

We believe Building Content is much more than discussing objects and Revit; in fact, the platform really does not matter. It is about how we all want to work and create value in the build environment; and what information and tools we need to get that job done as smoothly as possible.


The BCS mission is to provide a platform where anyone producing or interacting with data in the building content environment can exchange ideas and knowledge as well as facilitate standardization of digital data. .

We strive to facilitate the exchange of high-quality BIM / VDC content among all stakeholders in the AECO industry and throughout the entire building lifecycle.

What makes our format unique is that we are a community of industry experts who not only address the pain points of using diverse BIM data and fragmented workflows; we share successful tips and practices by fellow industry professionals. We believe we can move forward together faster, by sharing lessons and inspiring the rest to join us.