Porto, Portugal
Wednesday 19 October 2016
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The Building Content Summit is an event dedicated to improving BIM content. We invite you to be an influencer in this inaugural event where you will learn a different perspective, set trends, and connect with peers.

The State of BIM Content:

  • Designers often discourage the use of manufacturer based content and prefer to invest considerable resources into the development of generic models. Designers rarely communicate their needs to manufacturers
  • Manufacturers, looking for ways to differentiate their products, create content for customers but frequently fail to achieve a medium that all users can be happy with. Manufacturers struggle to know the requirements of their customers
  • Creators of content or software platforms struggle to create tools or content that are accepted by designers as a whole. Providers fail to understand the needs of Designers and/or lack product related knowledge

Connect With Peers

You will connect with others that face the same specific challenges you have. You will also meet others from the opposing groups that can actually do something about those challenges. As an inaugural event, the mission is simple: Bring together passionate individuals that can lead discussions around content for years to come. There isn’t enough time in one day to solve all these challenges. That’s why we invite you to attend. Lay the groundwork. Be a leader.
The secret is to gang up on the problem, rather than each other  

- Thomas Stallkamp

Learn a Different Perspective

The summit brings together individuals representing three groups: Designers, Manufacturers and Service Providers (Platform Developers, Content Creators). The mixed nature of the gathering fosters collaboration between each. The goal is to better understand the unique challenges facing each and look for overlapping interests that can be addressed.

Set Trends

Throughout the day, you will be mixed into groups and given discussion topics customised to the individual’s expertise. This is a rare opportunity to share opinions with others from the opposing groups. The BCS is not just lectures about standards and formats, or reference planes and geometry, but a round-table approach to rethinking the tools in our libraries.