The BCS50 recognizes 50 leaders from the worlds of Building Product Manufacturers, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owner-operated Practitioners, and Software & Service Providers who are actively engaged in innovation and thought leadership related to BIM content. The Building Content Summit (BCS) is an event dedicated to bringing together thought leaders to actively engage in the ever-changing ecosystem of BIM-related content.


Matthew Anderle

Mr. Anderle is the BIM Director for the Buildings+Places business line of AECOM with focus on the Americas. He is a BIM and technology evangelist with over 15 years of experience establishing global BIM workflows and standards around content, training, interoperability, and BIM consultation as a service. His experience spans over multiple market sectors with emphasis on large Healthcare facilities, Datacenters, Aviation, Government projects, and Residential. Mr. Anderle serves AECOM as a leader in the innovative and efficient implementation of BIM processes for a variety of project types. He manages and directs large project teams on inter-office BIM collaboration workflows, enabling continental offices to work as one entity.

In recent years, Mr. Anderle has focused on the interoperability of BIM content and associated data, working with each primary function of Design, Build, Finance, and Operations of facilities to develop a global BIM content and data standard, applied across associated business lines within AECOM. In concert with accurate graphics and dimensional representations of design intent, how and when certain critical points of data are applied, data integrity, migration of this data through the facility lifecycle, and validation are key sub-topics of this global initiative.

Paul Aubin

Paul F. Aubin is the author of many CAD and BIM book titles including the widely acclaimed: Renaissance Revit, The Aubin Academy series titles for architecture, MEP and Navisworks. Paul broke new ground with the content created in Renaissance Revit and the book can be thought of a "deep-dive" into the Revit Family Editor. The author of dozens of Revit video training titles for lynda.com (a LinkedIn company) Paul covers all aspects of Revit from beginning to advanced. Paul is an independent architectural consultant who travels internationally providing Revit implementation, training, content creation, and support services. His involvement in the architectural profession spans over 25 years, with experience that includes design, production, CAD management, coaching and training. He is an active member of the Autodesk user community, and has been a top-rated speaker at Autodesk University, the Revit Technology Conference (RTC) and a national speaker at the BIM workshops for many years. His diverse experience in architectural firms, as a CAD manager, and as an educator gives his writing and his classroom instruction a fresh and credible focus. Paul is an associate member of the American Institute of Architects, an Autodesk Expert Elite and an Autodesk Certified Professional. He lives in Chicago with his wife and three children.

Rob Burborough

Rob is a professional Project Manager with an extensive track record of delivering successful Portfolios, Programmes and Projects in a variety of sectors, scales and complexities.

He is able to quickly provide a "˜trusted advisor' consultancy advice to clients to help them realise their vision and aspirations whether at business case and investment decision, implementation or operational in use stages of a commission.

Highly experienced in the management of multiple stakeholders and bringing creative and diverse solutions into coordinated and mutually appreciated solutions.

Rob is able to see the benefits of new and innovative thoughts and ideas to business requirements as potential solutions to achieve success for clients this coupled with strategic challenge when appropriate he feels provides measureable value.

Capable of quickly developing strong relationships with clients, Rob has managed project teams and mentored others globally.

Communication and leadership are areas where Rob is able to demonstrate his expertise having managed highly successful teams whilst encouraging others to develop and openly expand their skills and ideas. His breadth of knowledge and extensive experience allows him to lead by example and offer direction to provide the appropriate support skills wherever necessary.

Rob possesses the ability to maximise the business benefit and customers opportunities whilst bringing the combined skills and experience of teams together to develop effective economic solutions that provide the best possible value.

In addition to Rob's multi sector experience he has specific detailed experience in delivering the Portfolios, Programmes and Projects in the life science sector in the UK and internationally.

Parley Burnett

Parley is the Director of Product Management at UNIFI labs. Solving common workflow problems experienced by designers, builders, operators and manufacturers is Parley's motivation as he works to further develop the UNIFI platform. UNIFI is a cloud-based content platform that allows firms anywhere access to a single source of digital building content. In a previous role at UNIFI labs, he successfully managed a large team of content developers and helped manufacturers implement successful content strategies.

Parley has always had a strong interest in building technology. He has had several highlights over his past 13 years of experience in the AEC industry. While obtaining his bachelors, he operated his own Revit consulting service and blog. Parley has also spoken at Autodesk University, served as co-chair of the Building Content Summit event, and teaches Revit at Montana State University.

Kristian Bursell

With a knack for computer science and the heart of an explorer, Kristian's first year in BIM saw him delving into its potentials for automated responses. This quickly led to the world of BIM Content. Whilst entrusted to exploit BIM potentials for two large architectural firms Kristian quickly confirmed the indispensable nature of BIM Content.

In 2008, after being a BIM manager for 4 years and an independent BIM Content Creator for 2 years, Kristian launched CADSwift – providing ArchiCAD users' with highly intelligent BIM Content. The CADSwift library is used daily by designers on all continents.

For the last 10 years Kristian has worked solely on BIM Content. He is regarded internationally as one of the elite in ArchiCAD's content language (GDL), and this has resulted in him being the ArchiCAD expert for several Content "˜houses' in Europe as well as Australia.

Kristian's work is 50/50 for designers/manufactures, so he ensures the user gets content that actually improves their workflows. Kristian's ArchiCAD content is regarded by the user as the highest standard. He is also proficient in Revit.

Content Creators have the responsibility to be extremely capable at their task to ensure their content facilitates the application of BIM potentials.

Mike Collins

John Cook

John Cook is the Technology Director for the Gulf Coast District at AECOM. Possessing a strong will to advance the client and project team relationship through collaboration and effective solutions has always been a professional goal. He is a BIM Strategy and Implementation Expert with eighteen years of experience, including internationally with multiple nationalities in some of the most progressive BIM firms around the world. His expertise lies in Architectural, Building Engineering, Structural, Construction, CFD, Advanced BIM Lighting Analysis, 360 technologies and inter-discipline workflows. To date, John has been directly engaged in complex BIM projects globally, to the tune of 41M sq ft. Confidence in achieving technical closure on engagements with clients directly has been a key to success. Mr. Cook possesses technical presentation skills, especially in large crowds, including Autodesk University.

Based in the Houston, TX Metro Area

Jack Dearlove

Jack is presently a BIM coordinator at Brookfield Multiplex based in the City of London. Where he is the BIM coordinator for two prestigious projects in Central London: the 22 Bishopsgate project in the financial district and 73-89 Oxford Street project in the exclusive West End of the City. On both projects he is responsible for managing all BIM deliverables across the project team. Including the strategies and processes that are essential to ensure the successful delivery of a coordinated design and construction sequence. As well as the build of a model that allows for cost and quantities extraction, asset management, as built data capture, O&M Manuals, snagging and commissioning.

In addition he is responsible for setting up and managing adherence to the execution plan and associated standards, methods and procedures. Jack is an innovative, experienced, highly technical and proven practitioner of delivering and managing BIM successfully on numerous projects. A civil engineering graduate from Anglia Ruskin University with 12 years of industry experience and over 7 years' experience of operating within a BIM environment. He has implemented BIM processes within 3 design consultancies and a main contractor. As BIM manager for a multi-disciplinary consultancy, he was responsible for the delivery and management of model production, coordination, sequencing and creating the standards and procedures for the core BIM operational processes. Jack recently presented as the Keynote Speaker at the Construction Information Technology Alliance (CITA) Smarter Building Series 2015, July event, Dublin, Ireland, on BIM execution.

Jason Dellmuth

Hands-on execution of the tactical overall and daily approach of how projects will leverage building information modeling; invocate technologies to optimize performance through design and downstream into fabrication and construction. Establishes credibility with Client, managers, I.T., designers and contractor. Successfully managed two multi-million square foot mission critical projects from concept to facilities management. Spearheaded company's virtual desktop infrastructure for multi office project execution. Presented at business conferences to represent the interest of the company and demonstrate our leadership in the industry.

My goal is to be a part of a highly motivated design team who Share the importance of good communication, concern for the environment, and being a positive influence in our world.

Andrew Dwight

Andrew Dwight has been in the design/construct industry for 24 years. He has worked for both Mirvac and CBS as a Construction Manager, and is now BDM of AAD Build and RubySketch. He also acts as a Consultant for large Design/Construction Companies and Manufacturers globally.

Andrew is the Director for Standards Australia for BDA Australia, and the Vice Chairman of the Sydney Regional Chapter of the Building Designers Association (BDAA). He also plays proactive roles within Standards Australia, and ISO.

3D CAD and Building Information Modelling Software has been seen as the answer to many problems faced by Design and Construction Industries. And although Andrew passionately advocates this technology, he found that it had not solved the communication breakdown that plagues the Design, Construction, and Manufacturing industries.

Frustrated with the lack of visual structural information behind the hollow shell of a traditional BIM, Andrew created Virtual Design & Construction and Estimation Software, called PlusSpec for SketchUp, which has been specifically created to facilitate better communication between all project stakeholders. The most impressive thing about PlusSpec is the automation of IFC naming for Revit and ArchiCad users.
Andrew is a huge believer in united open BIM, regardless of individual software preference, he is constantly working to improve technology so that Design Professionals, the Construction Industry, and Manufacturers, can better communicate and collaborate – which will result in reduced waste, higher profitability, better design, and better built outcomes.

Jose Fandos


October 2010 (3 weeks) - Consulting for KEO, Kuwait. Training, support, standards documentation.
July-August 2010 (6 weeks) - Consulting for KEO, Kuwait. Content creation, training and support.

Speaker/Presenter: Autodesk University 2008, London Revit User Group, BIM Show Live 2011, BIM Show Live 2012, RTC North America 2012 (Atlanta), RTC North America 2013 (Vancouver), RTC Europe 2013 (Delft).

Specialties: Revit family creation, training, standards documentation and implementation.

Marcus Fich

Customer centric business development leader with extensive international experience and flair for digitization and innovation of business models.

Tony Fitzwater

Some relevant project Experience:

The Warehouse Distribution Centre - South Island
Ezibuy Distribution Centre Palmerston North
New Zealand Dairies Affco Horotiu
Greenlea Premier Meats
Pukekohe Subway Investments

Specialties:Drafting management, Project management and process design.

Ben Fox

Passionate BIM Content specialist.

My strengths lie in my ability to look at design challenges from both a technical aspect and business proposition point of view. I have a strong belief in the importance of quality "fit-for-purpose" BIM Content and its role in bridging the gap between building product manufacturers and the AEC & FM industries.

I thrive on bringing together, managing and motivating industry experts while creating an environment that empowers them to do what they do best. Over the years this people-focused approach has allowed me, through IGS, to form a team of talented BIM Content specialists from the AEC industries. In addition to this, I have a team of web developers and programmers on hand allowing IGS to provide BIM Content hosting assistance and manufacturer specific BIM Plug-in development.

I am a BIM advocate and educator, particularly enjoying giving those on the fringe of BIM an insight into the future on their doorstep.

Stephen Germano

Stephen Germano serves as the Chief Development Officer for INVIEW labs, with responsibility for the company's overall technology development and application strategies as well as business development.

Benjamin Glunz

Architect turned BIM Technologist, Benjamin Glunz, Founder and CEO of Anguleris Technologies, is a high energy entrepreneur with a passion for BIM Technology. Focusing on BIM Content Strategy for Building Product Manufacturers, Ben and his team have lead the development of hundreds of best in class strategies for global BPMs across multiple verticals. Ben has helped to reshape the way Building Product Manufacturers think about BIM, most notably through brands such as Sherwin Williams, Valspar, Moen and 3M.

Leading the charge in BIM configurator technology, Ben is the inventor of the emerging BIM content configuration cloud platform, BIMsmith and most recently BIMsmith Forge. From all angles he relentlessly pursues the next incarnation of intelligent, user friendly BIM Content.

Ben is a coffee aficionado with a love for technology and classical architecture. He enjoys teaching students about Revit at Judson University in Elgin, reminding them consistently that "content is King." He resides in the Chicagoland area with his wife and a very spoiled dog.

Leif Granholm

Working to advance open computing, openBIM and openGeospatial in particular. My objective is to contribute to an open information ecosystem where OPEN STRUCTURED SEMANTIC STANDARD information easily and reliably flows between parties in the construction process.

My vision is that the most important aspect of BIM in the future is USING the semantic data for various purposes,
-direct human interaction
-assisted human interaction, i.e. augmented reality, scanners, intelligent handtools, (3d) cameras etc. getting rid of tape measures
-direct machine control, steel and concrete prefab machinery, robots etc.
-logistics, storage, transportation, cranes
-safety planning and checking

Possibilities are endless. Lots of new kinds of software needed.

My short executive summary of BIM: Automating reception of data.

Shawn Hopkins

The BimBakery™ vision is to streamline the BIM workflow through connections to local manufactures DATA and GEOMETRY. This workflow will mean a more informed Architect, Professional and building team, which will result in more efficient and accurate building designs.

James Jackson

Global Product Data, LLC.
-Senior Product Manager for Autodesk Desk
-Software Product development manager
-Desktop application tools
-Managing Partner of BIMWorld, LLC. (www.bimworld.com) which was purchased by Autodesk, Inc. in 2008
-Experience with Autodesk Revit since 2004, providing training, support, content development and architectural project development.
-Experience developing 3D models since 1990 for the military, industrial design and AEC projects.
-Extensive travel supporting customer integrations worldwide.
Enterprise Visualization and Data Management
-Demonstrated, supported and trained internal staff and customers on 2D/3D modeling applications and enterprise visualization and data management tools.
-Created 3D model animations for customer demonstrations and on-site project designs.

Specialties: Revit, Autodesk AEC Applications, BIM, Semi-Pro Race Car Driver, NASCAR, Legends, GASS,SCCA, Photographer

Luke Johnston

In a professional sense, I am:
- An advocate of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and effectively utilising advances in Design Technology
- Experienced in providing strategic and practical BIM services to Building Product Manufacturers (BPM's)
- A specialist in communicating the role BPM's play in advancing collaborative BIM processes.

At IGS, I predominantly work with BPM's to develop effective business strategies based on the development, external distribution and internal utilisation of quality BIM content. I am also responsible for managing relationships with our extensive BIM stakeholder network of Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Contractors and Technology Vendors.

I have significant experience developing BIM content libraries in Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp formats.

Kevin Kochman

Kevin Kochman is the mastermind of KCL, a leading provider of software and technical solutions with a base in the international foodservice industry. With an extensive background and knowledge in computer technology and applications, his expertise also includes training, support, and development. Kevin is best known for the development, sales, and support of The KCL CADalog. From this solid foundation, KCL has launched into the areas of Revit, new Web technology and Mobile applications. Kevin is a native of the Chicago area (go Cubs!) and plays as much tennis as time allows.

Stefan Larsson

As founder and CEO of BIMobject AB Stefan Larsson is a visionary in construction technology and a trailblazer in the creation and application of cutting-edge solutions with three dimensional (3D), computer aided design (CAD), and building information modelling (BIM) platforms.

In 2011, Stefan Larsson founded BIMobject®, a global software technology company that delivers a cloud based portal that offers development, maintenance and syndication of digital replicas - BIM objects - of manufactured building and interior products for the architect, engineering and construction(AEC) fields.

Larsson is the company's main evangelist of BIMobject's "Single Source of Truth" concept in BIM content and is the mastermind behind the development of BIMobject's unique content management systems.

For three decades, Larsson has consistently challenged and pushed the boundaries of the IT industry, travelling around the globe to share both his vision and message - that content is the key to success in information modelling for buildings. It is the DNA of the models and the intelligent carrier of product information.

Within five short years, BIMobject has become a global leader in cloud based solutions for building product manufacturers (BPMs) and BIM professionals, and ranks No. 1 in the world for BIM content management and publishing. BIMobject is considered one of Europe's largest and fastest growing software distribution companies and has received numerous industry recognitions and awards, including Winner in the Red Herring Europe Top 100 Awards 2013; Winner in the Red Herring 100 Global Award 2013; and Winner of the IAIR European Awards 2013.

BIMobject is publicly trading on NASDAQ First North Stockholm: Share ticker BIM.

Mark Lauricello

Business Development
November 2013 – Present (2 years 6 months)Boulder, CO
Digital Advertising Sales Executive
April 2012 – November 2013 (1 year 8 months)
Business Development Manager
Peloton Inc
February 2011 – March 2012 (1 year 2 months)
Associate Attorney
Don Galleher & Saliman
May 2009 – November 2010 (1 year 7 months)
Law Clerk
Honorable John L. Kane, U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado
December 2008 – May 2009 (6 months)
Team Lead Inside Sales - Manufacturing Solutions
March 2006 – May 2008 (2 years 3 months)
Diamond Club Award: 2006 and 2007
Inside Sales - Server and Storage Specialist
January 2004 – March 2006 (2 years 3 months)
Top Achiever Award 2H 2005 for highest quota attainment in division

Aaron Maller

Parallax Team
Aaron Maller is the director of Parallax Team, a full service Implementation Firm. He has been implementing BIM and Practice Technology at Architectural, Engineering, and General Contracting Firms across the country for the last ten years. Specializing in streamlining workflows and maximizing efficiency, he has become well known for his work in elaborate content libraries and templates.

While working with design professionals and construction professionals in unison, Aaron has focused his attentions on standardizing data protocols, and developing workflows around that data that allows design models to be fully leveraged downstream, having worked on many initiatives that were direct-to-fabrication from design content.

Many of these initiatives have meant elaborate workflows requiring multiple pieces of software to edit the design data, in efforts to maximize the efficiencies of all stakeholders in a projects design to operation lifecycle. To accomplish this, his efforts constantly focus on standardization and templating of content, and managing the ability to migrate or manipulate complex content, to meet varying requirements between different initiatives.

He is an avid contributor to the BIM community on the whole, volunteering at Revit Forum.org (as twiceroadsfool), as well as speaking at many events including Autodesk University, Revit Technology Conferences, and various users groups around the world.

Warren Meyer

Warren Meyer has nearly twenty years of experience in the design and construction industry and currently works with leading top tier international multi-discipline firms on cutting edge projects. Warren possesses expertise in Building Information Modelling & Management, including multi-disciplinary delivery & interoperability, and thrives on creating simple and elegant solutions to complex problems while leveraging the most from scarce resources (including and especially "˜time'). Warren has vast exposure to all facets of business operations and project teams, and has become a keen proponent of innovative and disruptive technologies in real-world scenarios. Possessing excellent planning & organisation skills, Warren is self-motivated, enthusiastic and eager to learn. Warren holds a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) Computing major from the University of New South Wales.

Ralph Montague

Ralph Montague is managing partner of ArcDox, a specialist BIM (Building Information Modelling) consultancy practice based in Dublin, Ireland, providing professionally managed advice, production, support and training services to the construction industry. A registered architect with over 20 years experience in managing large projects, Ralph endorses BIM as a more cost effective and highly efficient way of producing and managing design and construction documentation. and improving the building process. As chairman of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI) practice sub-committee for BIM, and coordinator of the Construction IT Alliance (CITA) BIM Group, Ralph has been instrumental in leading the development and adoption of BIM in Ireland since 2009. Ralph is a part-time lecturer at Trinity College Dublin School of Engineering Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management, and more recently has been representing the RIAI on the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) BIM Working Group. He has also previously represented the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) on the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) BIM technical working Group.

Thabo Mthonti

I'm a Goal Orientated person Works very well under Pressure, Creative and Innovative, Best expressed through Design, I have a Brief Understanding on how to use colours and textures in creating spaces, Very willing to learn, and I learn quickly.

Freddy Munoz

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Anguleris Technologies, Freddy Munoz is a Revit specialist focused on BIM content for Building Products Manufacturers. Freddy brings his experience working in Architectural and MEP firms to the BIM content marketplace. At Anguleris he has been instrumental in creating game changing BIM content strategies for manufacturers and verticals that until now, have sat on the sidelines with BIM. As a solution to industry wide problems, Freddy is proud to be a part of the launch of BIMsmith and BIMsmith Forge to the AEC industry. These new technologies will allow for the next evolution of simplicity and accuracy in BIM Content for Manufacturers.

Freddy enjoys working with his team on complex challenges, arriving at new approaches that create these new technologies. He stays active by running and playing sports. He also enjoys watching sports which leads him to believe he can succeed in fantasy football. In his free time, he fondly remembers his days working in construction by diving into woodworking and home improvement projects.

Ken Nasatka

Ken Nasatka has been in the manufacturing industry for nearly 35 years with 26 years of experience in creating and managing manufacture's content. Ken currently is the CPS Content & Software Development Manager at Victaulic, a manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining and fire protection systems. In this role, Ken directs the Construction Piping Services (CPS) content/software development department, managing the creation of content and software add-on applications for internal and external use. Ken and his team support 20 different software with native file formats in addition to 13 variations of content and 2 software specific applications. He also provides direct support to internal and external customers as it relates to software and content. Ken has been with Victaulic since 1997. Prior to working for Victaulic Ken was the Supervisor of CADD Operations for Spirax Sarco, a manufacturer of steam systems solutions. One of Ken's responsibilities was the creation and management of their 2D AutoCAD block libraries and hosting them on a dedicated bulletin board system for their customers. Ken started his career at ITT Electron Technology Division in their Mechanical & Electrical CADD groups. Ken holds a degree in mechanical design and is a member of the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and the Building Content Summit (BCS).

Matthew Nelson

Over the last decade, I have focused my energy on honing my understanding of the Autodesk family of products. Utilizing my knowledge I have had the privilege of working on many first-class projects that have both challenged and inspired me.

These projects have directly influenced the goals I have set. I want to help usher in the integration of BIM technologies such as Revit into the workflow of future projects. As technology advances, projects will be able to fully utilize the power of 4 and 5 dimensional design that will change the face of the engineering industry.

Mahsa Nicknam

Product Manager, SMARTBIM, LLC, January 2015 – Present (1 year 4 months)

Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology, June 2014 – March 2015 (10 months) Greater Atlanta Area - Working under supervision of Prof. Chuck Eastman at Digital Building Lab (DBL).

BIM Specialist, SMARTBIM, LLC, January 2014 – December 2014 (1 year) Greater atlanta area - SmartBIM is a leading provider of BIM content creation and discovery, BIM tools and AEC market intelligence serving both the building professionals and manufacturing communities.

Sarah Pirilä

Developing the SketchUp 3D Warehouse Content Developer network. Clarifying processes, standards, and quality requirements for Content Developers.
Additionally collaborating with others to improve the way content flows through the Design - Build - Operate phases in the architecture, engineering and construction industry within Trimble Buildings.

Chris Price

I began using and training others in the use of Revit (all disciplines) in early 2001 and have used it on a daily basis since.

An odd breed, I was one of the first complete Revit users not polluted with any preconceptions caused by the use of other 2D CAD software. I am a Graduate Architect who has found their niche in technology to aid the AEC industry. Above all, I enjoy facilitating and training others in BIM and aiding their success. I actively participate and moderate on such forums as RevitCity, RevitForum and AUGI under the username "Mr Spot" and run a blog (Revit Rants) where hopefully my input is well respected.

I am a BIM evangelist, digitalising everything possible for 4D Construction Sequencing, Clash Detection, Facilities Management, Fabrication, visualisation and everything else that can be leveraged from this Virtual Construction... I focus on the practical aspects of BIM and I am always hands on, ensuring that not only am I across the theory, I have extensive knowledge of the details which so often trip people up. Having been involved in projects at the fabrication level to massive multi-billion dollar hospital's, defence projects and universities my experience is extremely broad. One of my great skills is being able to source the knowledge and team to solve the most complex projects where others dare tread.

I consult my services in Revit, Navisworks, Building Information Modelling and the Revit API to companies in the AEC industry and have many happy clients as can be seen in my recommendations

Rosalind Pumphrey

Rosalind Pumphrey, BIM Manager for Eaton's Lighting Division, has 18 years in the AEC Industry and is a consummate professional, thought leader, team builder, innovator and influencer. Her passion and drive for excellence in the AEC Industry began with a foundation in Architectural Drafting and grew into opportunities as a CAD Manager where she became certified in and began utilizing Revit. Her proficiency with CAD and Revit and her work as a project manager created new opportunities to become a Senior Project Manager, where she effectively managed and led a team of Architectural CAD/Revit Specialists and Project Leads. During this time, Rosalind oversaw resources in the production and coordination of architectural construction drawings, BIM (all disciplines) and building product modeling. In her current role as BIM Manager at Eaton she manages all aspects of Eaton's BIM program for its Lighting Division – including supporting over 1,670 models of Eaton's lighting products – and has been instrumental in identifying the need for more BIM related education for lighting professionals. In pursuit of this opportunity, with Rosalind's lead, Eaton has produced CEU certified training courses, white papers and a devoted website section to lighting related BIM topics.

Rod Recker

Management of on-shore and off-shore software development teams.
Founder of high-tech startup through two rounds of funding and eventual sale of company.

Professional focus on team building and appropriate application of software development process.

Specialties: Rapid software development processes, team building, startups, integration of acquired companies, Computational Design, Open Source software development, 2D/3D computer graphics, global illumination algorithms, parallel processing.

Currently responsible for engineering team developing Dynamo, an open source computational design tool. See DynamoBIM.org for more information.

Mario Sacco

2009-2016 Owner Studio Arcrea - Managing and BIM director
2008-2009 Consultant studio Spagnolo Roccheggiani - Project and BIM Manager
2007-2008 Consultant Project Architect at Surf Engineering Urban Design & Landscape - Project and BIM Manager
2007 Consultant Project Architect at Arcos s.r.l. in Rome, Italy - Parking lot buildings
2003-2007 Project Manager Architect in preliminary, definitive and executive planning. Assistance to the construction management. Partner at Studio Ingaglio & Partners in Rome, Italy - Project and BIM Manager
2002 Project Manager Architect at Gruppo S.PAOLO IMI in Rome, Italy – Buldings renovation
2001 Consultant Architect at studio prof. arch. G.Bucciarelli and studio Creativa in Rome, Italy
2000 Consultant Architect at studio prof. arch. Manfredi Nicoletti in Rome, Italy
2000 Consultant Architect at studio prof. arch. S. Cordeschi and prof. Arch. F.Cellini in Rome, Italy
1998 2003 Project Manager Architect at studio arch. P.Ioannides in Rome, Italy
1997 Consultant Architect at studio prof. arch. Aldo Aymonino in Rome, Italy - Urbanistic order
1997-2000 Project Manager Architect at Gruppo INTERSYSTEM in Rome, Italy - Shops fitting
1994-1998 Project Manager Architect in preliminary, definitive and executive planning at studio

Marcello Sgambelluri

Manage implementation, research & development, and marketing of BIM, Revit and Dynamo for the entire firm. Create 3D digital content beyond contract documentation that includes 3D and 2D real time and pre-rendered animations. Train BIM users on latest BIM tools including Revit training and dynamoBIM training.

Dana Smith

Deke Smith is a partner in the firm DKS Information Consulting, LLC and a Senior Analyst with Cyon Research the home of the Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES). He was formerly the Executive Director for the buildingSMART alliance™ a council of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), and a member of buildingSMART International Executive Committee. Deke was instrumental in the beginnings of the NIBS Construction Criteria Base, now the Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG). He initiated both the United States National CAD Standard© and the National BIM Standard-United States®.

Early in his career he developed the first automated cost estimating system used by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, he then initiated the tri-service (Army, Navy, Air Force) cost engineering program to coordinate cost engineering efforts across DoD and worked in the private sector as a value engineer and life-cycle costing specialist. He was on the development team for the first knowledge based parametric estimating system. He also was instrumental in setting up the Tri-service CAD-GIS-BIM center in Mississippi.

He retired December 2006 after 30 years as a Designer and Director with the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Deputy CIO at the Army Research Laboratory, and Chief IT Architect for the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment in supporting DoD's 540,000 facilities and 10,000 systems facility related software portfolio. He was a winner of the 1996 Federal 100 award, 1997 NIBS Member Award the 2006 CAD Society Leadership award in 2010 he was selected as one of the InfoComm 100. Deke is a 1973 graduate of Virginia Tech and holds a degree in architecture; he has done postgraduate work at the National Defense University. He is a registered architect in the state of Virginia and a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects. He is co-author of "Building Information Modeling: A Strategic Implementation Guide" published in 2009 by Wiley.

Randall Stevens

Randall Stevens is an AEC industry veteran with nearly 25 years of software development, sales and management experience. Randall founded ArchVision in 1991, a software development firm specializing in 3D graphics and content management technology for the design industry. Randall offers a unique combination of expertise in software and graphics technology, coupled with a background and degree in architecture. Randall is the inventor of the software technology Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC) currently being used by AEC customers in more than 100 countries and chosen by Autodesk as the native tree & planting solution for Revit. Through ArchVision, Randall has built relationships with the industry's leading design & visualization software companies. Most recently Randall has led product development at ArchVision for the AVAIL platform, a fresh approach to the AEC market's content management challenges.

Randall received his B.A. from the University Of Kentucky College Of Architecture and served as an adjunct faculty member at the College of Design at the University of Kentucky from 1991-2007. He currently teaches entrepreneurship at the University of Kentucky College of Business. Randall chairs the Advisory Board for the University of Kentucky Innovation Network for Entrepreneurial Thinking (iNET) and is on the Board of Directors for the Kentucky Governor's School for Entrepreneurs.

Randall initiated the inaugural Building Content Summit (BCS) in 2015 and currently serves as the BCS Chair.

Mike Tadros

Mike Tadros is a Product Manager at Trimble Navigation who's responsibilities include 3D Warehouse (https://3DWarehouse.sketchup.com), and the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app (http://www.sketchup.com/products/sketchup-mobile-viewer). During his prior tenure as co-founder and president of Igloo Studios, Inc. (2004-2013), Mike played an active role in developing the Product Connect plugin for SketchUp (www.igloostudios.com), which was the culmination of having worked to help dozens of manufacturers create and publish SketchUp model catalogs to 3D Warehouse. Today, Mike continues to drive forward his vision for 3D Warehouse as a professional content development platform serving to connect Building Product Manufacturers with the professional AECO community.

Adam Thomas

Adam Thomas is a developer of architectural and design technologies with a passion for educating students and professionals. His focus is creating and understanding more interactive and practical forms of AEC design technologies. Adam has worked in Residential Construction for 15+ years and has 15 years experience in Revit, BIM, and Content Creation. He is currently the Co-Owner and COO of Read|Thomas LLC, a startup dedicated to providing business continuity to teams that create Buildings, Products, and Software.

Nicola Villa

Libero professionista motivato da filosofia ecosostenibile ed edifici energicamente autosufficienti rispettosi dell'ambiente.
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Adam Ward

As Technology Director at Space Group - including BIM.Technologies, bimstore and Space Applied Technologies (SAT) - I am responsible for developing the processes and technologies that our group use to solve complex problems in the construction industry, some of which have turned into commercial products. I now head up the specialist SAT research and development team for Space Group, in addition to my duties as Technology Director at BIM.Technologies and a Founding Director at bimstore.

I have delivered some of the UK's most prestigious BIM projects for private clients such as Google, GPE and Derwent and government clients such as the MOJ.

As a fanatical evangelist of BIM and one of only a handful of Autodesk Certified Professionals (Revit Architecture 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and Inventor 2015) in the United Kingdom, I have presented my associated skills and uses of BIM and Revit at various industry usergroups, seminars and international conferences. I am also one of only a handful of Autodesk Revit Gunslingers, invited to Autodesk USA to test and give feedback on future products and ideas.

I am currently developing the Warboard.co.uk online collaboration and issue management platform, a product used for in-house purposes for a number of years before client demand called for its commercialisation.

Robert Weygant

Robert Weygant is the founder and President of Sumex Design, an AEC content development firm that has been building BIM Content for a decade. Ten years ago, he designed the ARCAT BIM content library and continues to manage it today, having developed thousands of generic and manufacturer based components for over 800 manufacturers.

Robert Co-Authored the 6th edition of the Wiley title "Constructions Specifications Writing – Practices and Principles". His title "BIM Content Development – Standards, Strategies and Best Practices" was published by Wiley and continues to be an important desk reference for many BIM managers, and in 2013 he was asked collaborate on the development of the published "SPie Minimum BIM Object Definitions" for the US Army Corps of Engineers. In 2014, Robert founded a second company SPECtrumBIM, LLC that focuses on the development of reasonably priced Revit plugins that automate content development, management and distribution.

Robert's focus is not only on content development, but BIM education and best practices. As a trusted resource for hundreds of firms, he believes that the path to better BIM is through better education on BIM content and the inclusion of open formats that can be exchanged. Robert freely shares his expertise with the industry and has given countless webinars and lectures with CSI, IFMA, USGBC and AGC to name a few.

Mark Wieringa

Mark Wieringa is the one of the two original authors and initiators of the Dutch Revit Standards (DRS). Working as an Architect / BIM-Manager since 2006 doing integrated design means the need to work seamlessly in collaborative teams and with the necessity of consistent data. This triggered Mark to initiate the DRS in 2011 together with Martijn de Riet. The DRS are a practical way of implementing different open standards such as IFC and COBIE and consist of a template with the DRS data structure, integrated IFC workflow and family guides. As vice chairman of the Dutch Revit User Group Mark actively enabled the development of the DRS since 2012.

Over the past 3 years the DRS has been mandated in more and more BIM protocols and tender documents. To ensure the continuity and maintenance of the DRS the Revit Standards Foundation was established in september 2015, Mark is the active chairman of the foundation. The foundation has large group of stakeholders from the Dutch and Belgium AEC industry who all see the benefit of standardisation. The Foundation is currently working on ways to certify content created accordingly to the Revit Standards and the DRS have officially been applied to be recognized as an Open Standard by the Dutch government.

Currently Mark is working on the Uniform Object Library for MEP content in the Netherlands which will provide a framework that can be used to generate content with accurate data straight from the manufacturer. Mark is also part of the Dutch standardisation committee for "Information-integration and interoperability", taking part in the European standardisation discussions regarding BIM.

Lewis Wolcott

30 years in the HVAC industry working as a welder's helper, sheet metal installer, welder, pipe fitter, piping foreman, coordinator, network engineer, construction software implementation and consulting engineer, construction software trainer, construction software product advocate, construction software product manager, software developer and designer, and upper level manager. It has been an interesting ride so far.

I think my favorite part of the career so far is working with people and encouraging growth.