Europe 2018

Building Content Summit (BCS) Europe 2018, Wednesday 10th October, Ljubljana, Slovenia

This year the Building Content Summit brings together thought leaders from around the world for a one-day deep dive on how and why data impacts how we construct digitally, and what content is required for each stakeholder through a building’s lifecycle.  

Join an inspirational cast of speakers and panellists from companies the likes of Oracle Construction and Engineering Business, EcoDomus, BuroHappold, The Business Advantage Group, Topcon Positioning Group and Grundfos as we break down the noise around data and demonstrate how you can make use of it in your own business. 

Now in its third year, BCS has drawn hundreds of industry influencers who have engaged in the important conversations needed to improve the quality and processes involved in the development of BIM content and efficient models. 

For Who? 

Digital Construction Industry 

Learn how to share information with stakeholders, invest less time and resources in creating models and improve coordination in a building’s lifecycle. People that will benefit will include: Architects, Engineers, BIM Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Facility Managers, Operations Managers. 

AEC Content and Software Developers 

Understand the data needs of your users to improve their productivity and discover what specific and non-specific data is necessary and what isn’t for efficient models. 

 Manufacturers of Building Content 

Understand the needs of the digital construction community to differentiate your products from the competition and discover what data is necessary to get your product specified in the early design phases and then facilitate long-term product use and repeat business.   

Why you need to be a part of this conversation 

What makes the BCS format unique is that we are a community of industry experts who not only address the pain points of each stakeholder in the built environment, we share successful tips and practices by fellow industry professionals to create a better environment for all. We believe we can move faster, by sharing lessons and inspiring the rest to join us. 

Together we can build a common understanding of how to create and manage building data in the modern workplace.  

Take a look back at BCS Europe 2017…