Toronto, Canada
Westin Harbour Castle
Tuesday August 1 - Wednesday August 2, 2017
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The Building Content Summit is an event dedicated to expanding the knowledge of all those involved in BIM content development by bringing together thought leaders from within the disciplines of Design, Manufacturing, Software and Service Providers. We invite you to join us at this 2-day event where you will hear different perspectives, help develop and set trends, connect with peers and learn how to get the most out of your BIM content.

The State of BIM Content:

  • Designers often discourage the use of manufacturer based content and prefer to invest considerable resources into the development of in-house content. Designers rarely communicate their needs to manufacturers.
  • Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to differentiate and market their products to the design community, however creating content for customers has been difficult and frequently fails to achieve the objective that all users are happy with. Manufacturers struggle to know what their customers want and need in terms of both Product Data and 3D Geometry to create accurate schedules and construction documents.
  • Content developers and software platforms struggle to create tools and content that adequately improve the productivity of accepted the design community. Providers are continually challenged to understand the needs of Designers and often lack the specific product related knowledge to deliver accurate content which is why we need manufacturers in the conversation.

Connect With Peers

We all know the many challenges with content. Now in its third year, BCS has drawn hundreds of industry influencers who have engaged in the important conversations needed to improve the quality and processes involved in the development of BIM content. At the 2017 BCS, you will connect with and learn from other users, manufacturers and providers that face the same challenges and learn from their mistakes and triumphs on how to create, deliver and maintain quality BIM content.

The mission is simple: Bring together passionate individuals that can lead discussions around BIM content and strategy for years to come. There isn't enough time in one day to solve all these challenges. That's why we invite you to attend. Become involved in the discussion. Be a leader.


This was the most organised, well run, well planned event, with the most relevant content that I can remember.

- Attendee, BCS NA 2016
This was my third event.  It was even better than the previous ones I have attended.  I can't wait to see how next year is even better.”

- Attendee, BCS NA 2016

Learn a Different Perspective

The summit brings together individuals representing three groups: Designers, Manufacturers and Service Providers (Platform Developers, Content Creators). The mixed nature of the gathering fosters collaboration between each. The goal is to better understand the unique challenges facing each and look for overlapping interests that can be addressed.

Set Trends

Throughout the 2-day gathering, you will be mixed into groups and given discussion topics customized to the individual’s expertise. This is a rare opportunity to share opinions and learn from industry influencers. The BCS is not lectures about standards and formats, or the nuts and bolts of creating reference planes and geometry, but a roundtable approach to rethinking the tools in our libraries.

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